Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the origins of the SP?

    The SP was developed in it's original form as a final year University project, part of a statistical degree with computer science. It has subsequently evolved out through a number of iterations into the mature version now seen.

  2. How does the SP work?

    The SP analyses a number of factors (refered to as rules) that contribute towards the outcome of a sporting contest. For football, this includes immediate, short and long term form, comparable game outcome, game location and ability to score.

  3. What is the difference between Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Investment Vehicles?

    The different vehicle types reflect different filters applied to the selection process. Primary selections have the strictest filtering applied. These are seen as the flagship matches and are the main focus of the SP. Secondary selections represent reasonable value, where often the bookmaker has squeezed value out of the odds but still stand a good chance of a return. The tertiary selections represent a 'long list' extended selection that collectively offer a smaller positive yield.

    Collectively they offer a variety of selections to the investor reflecting the level confidence of the SP in the game data analysed.

  4. How do I benefit from the system?

    Once registered, the SP offers a free two week subscription to starting members offering them the chance to browse the site and form their own opinions as to it's value. Beyond that, three pricing plan options are offered, at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels giving member access for differing periods of time. All subscriptons offer full access to all site material.

  5. Can I share this information with my friends?

    You, your family and friends are welcome to collectively benefit from any investment data provided by the SP. It is also worth remembering that as the volume of bets placed on a particular outcome increases the bookmakers reduce those particular odds. This may reduce the value in the selection offered and reduce overall gains due to market saturation.

  6. Why are selections restricted to league matches and not including cup matches?

    There are three things that are certain in life; death, taxes and cup shocks. The bookmakers make a lot of money on cup matches as the form book often goes out of the window, making a mess of your selections on the way. Our advice, leave cup matches well alone. I think we've all won on cup day, but the regularity of the league is a much better bet for a healthier return. You wont find The SP bothering with the cup.

  7. Is the soccerpredictor site complete?

    The predictive database engine is mature and ready to go. Statistical web content both to support the predictions as well as for general interest will continue to be added on a regular basis.